Friday 19 August 2022

OPEN NIGHT is coming up: .......................

Check out last year's video for a wee glimpse of some science at HNI ...................................

Thursday 30 June 2022

NASA & Rocketlab rocket just launched off into orbit .. WOW ! SO year 7s made air pressure bottle-rockets, which flew 40 metres, and year 8s made match-stick rockets, which flew about 1 1/2 metres, to CELEBRATE AND learn a little more about the challenges in 'rocket technology'.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

OUR SCIENCE FAIR ... QUIZ teams ... and the Students whose Projects were chosen to represent HNI at the HB Sc and Tech Fair .. CONGRATUATIONS EVERYONE

Because the HB Fair could not go ahead, June Clark, the HB Science Fair chief judge, came to us for an afternoon.
1st John W, "Is it Smart to be Dense". 2nd Max F, "Bristles Vs Bacteria" 3rd James M and Pete "Comparing Insulation" ... Have some sciencey , 'creative'-fun in the holidays

Superpowered Lockdown Activities For Kids Brilliant fun STEM learning - minimal screen time. Stories, adventures and creative activities helping children aged 6-11 to keep busy and learning during lockdown. Watch as your child builds their own inventions with Nanogirl using only items found around the house on their mission to become She’s also on the TVNZ Freeview channel for Home Learning. The link is on the ministry website. STEM superheroes! ALSO FUN stories and activities ...

Saturday 17 July 2021

Science Fair Projects are due to the science room on 30th July between 8 and 9 a.m.

Hi there (please share with anyone you know doing a science fair project ... THANKS) ................. I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday. I am confirming that the date to complete science projects by is the 30th July, all ready for judging. The top 5 year 7 projects, and the top 5 year 8 projects, go on to the HB Fair, which is on the 20th August. If this is going to be too difficult for you PLEASE let me know and I will make sure that I accommodate you and your project. I am so pleased that you are doing one and want you to be able to do your best, not run out of time. You will earn several academic gold points, depending how your project goes. ................................. Thank-you for being the fabulous communicative students that you are. I love to hear how you are getting along. Many thanks and have FUN from Miss Hawtin ........................ P.S. I have received this from the HB Fair organisers. You may like to check what they have to say. ......................... WHAT JUDGES ARE LOOKING FOR IN A PROJECT ........ * INNOVATIVE IDEAS – Judges love students to think outside the box and give them the WOW experiment or something a little different * A CLEAR Scientific idea ... with a testable question * A DESIGN that is suitable for the experiment ... step by step description * REPETITIONS to verify experimental results ... e.g. 6 times * A LOG BOOK to verify what you have done ... a diary of what you did, dated, data etc * GOOD DATA ANALYSIS that CORRECTLY interprets results ... graphs, photos etc * CLEAR, ACCURATE EXPLANATIONS of the experimental results ... plus 'what next ?' .......................... In Summary: A project needs to clearly demonstrate the Scientific Method ie a logical process from an idea to the solution that presents results, then discusses the results and evaluates the experiment and explains why your results either support or disagree with your hypothesis or prediction. ....................... Your display and your discussion with the Judges needs to show YOU understand THIS PROCESS and WHAT YOUR PROJECT IS TELLING YOU. ........................ Similarly for TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS – they need to closely follow the steps of the Technological Process from CONCEPT to COMPLETION and be able to accurately explain the CHALLENGES and PROBLEMS along the way and how they were SOLVED.

Saturday 19 December 2020

The Great Conjunction ... when Jupiter and Saturn converge and appear as one, for the first time since 1623. ... 21st Dec ... should look like a cross. (Called the Star of Bethlehem).

Jupiter (left) and Saturn will be the nearest they've been in almost 400 years on Monday. Jupiter (left) and Saturn will be the nearest they've been in almost 400 years on Monday. Multimedia reporter, Northern Advocate The two largest planets in our solar system will reunite for the first time in almost 400 years on Monday in an event named 'The Great Conjunction'. Jupiter and Saturn, the fifth and sixth planets from the sun respectively, will converge on Monday and appear as one object around sunset for the first time since 1623. While the two planets come close to each other every 20 years, this year will be the first since famed astronomer Galileo was alive that they will intersect. To spot the rare event, look west towards the setting sun. Then, by using the distance between your outstretched index and little fingers, measure one and a half hand spans to the north (right) and one hand span up and the planets should be clearly seen. For a photo and more info check this link:

Sunday 13 December 2020

Whizkids Christmas Science .. Have some fun at Home

HAVE FUN ... Happy Holidays Everyone Lava lamp Tie Dye Milk Christmas M'n'M Rainbow Christmas Christmas Glitter Slime Density Tower ... Coloured Layers

Sunday 31 May 2020

For those who love space travel ... ... and a very cool tour of the space station ...

The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft undocks from the International Space Station on March 8, 2019 after nearly 5 days aboard the orbiting laboratory during the company’s Demo-1 mission for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and descends to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Just over 5 hours later, the uncrewed spacecraft splashes down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida and is recovered by SpaceX teams.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Lockdown Teds ... Have been having lots of fun ... what a lot you can learn without stepping out of your bubble ... It's back into 'online learning' tomorrow ... What science can you find in your kitchen, your garden and your toybox?

I challenge you to take some photos OR make a short video of your discoveries ... 
We can share them, if you wish. 
I wish the shed was in our bubble !
The skateboards . bikes . boogie-boards . tools  would have been 

Teds Observing ANZAC 

Back to School for the Teds ... Making Science Videos (Experiments too!) for  the Distance Learning Students

Friday 27 March 2020

Doing SCIENCE @ HOME ... I have sent each term 1 sci tech group an invitation to 2 assignments on Hapara.

 You can choose 
either, both or something of your own choosing for the last week of the term.

 They look like this:
1. The Science of Kindness                                                 2.The FORCE of Static Energy

Have fun & remember to get out in the sun and fresh air too.